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In-House pre-retirement seminars

Pre-retirement seminars

RCS in house pre retirement seminars are an ideal way you can help your staff as they approach this major change in their lives. The seminars are intended for people who are within 2 to 3 years of retirement. Partners are normally invited as retirement is considered a shared experience.

The seminars concentrate on the changes to be expected as people leave the world of full time work and aim to provide the information and ideas necessary for a rewarding retirement.

Core content includes detailed information on National Insurance issues, State Pensions, the company's pension scheme, taxation, wills and general investment principles.

The detail of each session is also covered in a comprehensive manual provided for each delegate to take away after the seminar.

General discussions are held on the personal and family adjustments to be expected at retirement, health and fitness, opportunities for paid or voluntary work and ideas are offered about study, new leisure interests and activities.

Each seminar is run to meet the particular interests of the participants with the core material being targeted to the individuals. There is plenty of time and opportunity for personal discussions with the speakers and every effort is made to encourage positive action and attitudes

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