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Frequently Asked Questions

Who else attends the open seminars?  

Can I take my partner?

Can I book extra accommodation and who pays for this?

How do I book?     

When booking what information do I need to give?

What’s the difference between Executive  and Non-Executive seminar?

What is the dress code?

Take the Retirement test


Who else attends the Seminars

A varied mix of delegates from different Companies (some accompanied by their partners) who are considering retiring from their regular
employment in the next few years. Back to top

Can I take my partner

Yes – we encourage you to do so as retirement affects both of you( I married him for love; not for 24hrs a day!) .Back to top

Can I book extra accommodation and who pays for this?

Yes you can. Check with your employer to see if they will pay for this or if you have to settle yourself. Back to top

How do I book

You can e-mail/telephone the office or if you prefer you may book online. Or your HR dept. Back to top

When booking what information do I need to give

Do you or your partner have any special dietary requirements or needs that we would have to inform the hotel about? Do you require extra accommodation? If yes who pays for this you or your employer. Back to top

What’s the difference between Executive  and Non-Executive seminar

Executive seminars are aimed at the senior managers/professionals. Whilst the same topics are covered on both executive & non-executive courses different levels of investment opportunities will be discussed & more emphasis will be placed on Capital Gains/Inheritance tax issues on the executive course. Back to top

What is the dress code

Smart casual. Whatever you are going to be comfortable in. Back to top


Now take the test for Retirement Preparation below

Have you given any thought to your (and your partners) eventual retirement (which for a 50 year old is probably less than 150 pay days away)?

Do you know how much you might expect from your company pension or what opportunities exist to enhance or improve it?

Do you know what your State Benefits will be and when you get them, and what the situation might be if you retire before State retirement age?

Do you know when your partner retires or whether they have a pension from work or State?

Can you maintain your level of health?  What do you know about sensible diet exercise?  What can you do to promote better health and what are the
warning signs you should watch for?

Do you fully understand your personal tax situation and how to make the most advantageous use of Independent Taxation?

Are you aware of the sort of investments you could consider for capital accumulation/income and your personal tax situation?

Could Capital Gains Tax affect you?

Have you made a Will and is it still relevant, should you change it?  Do you understand Inheritance Tax and its affect on your family?

A. Attend one of our seminars and get the answers. Back to top

Below are some of the quotes from past attendees to our seminars.

“Extremely beneficial and very well organised. Having my wife attend was
useful and has helped us both” “A excellent course in superb surroundings”

“The seminar gave me lots of information I needed at this time, and lots of information I did not  even realised I needed”

 “I thought the seminar was absolutely first class. It was presented in a professional, relaxed and understandable manner.”

“Dry subjects were made interesting and entertaining, very informative and enjoyable”

“the sessions not only re-inforced my knowledge but highlighted many areas that I need to look into as I plan my future”

“Speakers exceeded expectations, knew their subjects and did not talk down to us”

“Now well equipped to enjoy my retirement. No longer fearing the future”

“I accompanied my wife on this seminar and I feel although I am not retiring myself the session was so beneficial to me”

“I came with fear and trepidation thinking I would be
a) totally bored
b) it would be all over my head
c) with a bunch of wrinklies
I was pleasantly surprised by the whole thing and found it very helpful and fun”

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