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Information for people leaving their jobs

Are you leaving your job because of early or normal retirement, severance, redundancy, ill health? Whatever the reason, there are many detailed questions which need answers. These pages give guidance on the main areas of concern to you when you leave your jobs.


Social Security
What do I do about National Insurance Contributions, signing on, State Pensions? What if I am ill? Can I get help with mortgages, council tax etc? Where do I go for information?

Company Pensions
What do I need to know about my company pension and what do I need to check? Can I join another scheme and if so what should I look for?

Planning your finances
Why invest money? What factors should I consider? How do the various investment products work?

What is my tax position on leaving, can I get any rebates, how do I work out my tax? What am I taxed on when I leave?


Have I got a Will? What happens if I don't have one?

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